How Debentures Are Used in Finance

Luxembourg-based fund management group Firminy Capital Sarl oversees a number of securitization funds, one of which is the Firminy Equity Fund. To optimize return on investment, Firminy Capital Sarl manages a broad range of assets, including development loans,aviation fleets, real estate,cash and debentures.

Debentures are limited in their scope as an equity investment because they are similar to a regular loan, but with some notable exceptions. The instruments, which are backed by the status of the lender, are not secured by any sort of collateral.

Issuers of debentures are usually governmental entities or corporations. Therefore, these kinds of loan agreements are issued as a type of bond and are recorded in a binding contract known as an indenture. The indenture establishes the terms of the loan and indicate the instrument’s date of maturity, method of calculating interest, and payment timing. Examples of government-based debentures include treasury bills and T-bonds. Both of these debentures regularly are acknowledged as being risk-free because governmental bodies can increase taxes or print currency to meet the obligation if necessary.


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