Firminy Capital Sarl is a company led by professionals who specialize in numerous financial fields. The goal of the company and its associates is to provide customers with lucrative and secure investment options in securitization. Firminy Capital Sarl manages securitization funds in Luxembourg, one of which is a premier registered securitization fund, Firminy Equity Fund.

Firminy Capital Sarl has used legal advantages to boost investors’ confidence in the equity fund. Luxembourg law allows both companies and individuals to redirect a portion of one’s assets to securitization funds. Thus, these investors can feel safe knowing their investments are being managed by a dedicated team of managers, contractors, and associates with unique specialties in banking, structured finance, or securitization. The company’s professional staff is accomplished at enacting and managing just such allocations.

Firminy Capital Sarl has taken deliberate measures to ensure investors are continuously confident in the practices of the firm. By Luxembourg’s legal regulations, the company must consult a Chartered Accountant for financial review. The equity fund has surpassed its legal obligations by hiring a well-known Chartered Accountant to regularly review the firm’s finances. The company is also dedicated to maintaining the trust of its investors through turmoil. The fund has built partnerships with strong financial institutions in order to successfully navigate the most recent market conditions, even in an economic downturn. The company has also maintained investor trust by choosing to consult with a top 500-law firm that specializes in securitization and finance. This has helped the firm maintain attractive returns from the investments it offers. Since the firm’s inception in 2007, it has been continuously concerned with the safety and success of each client’s investments.


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