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Google to Use 100 Percent Renewable Energy



About the Operations of Full Circle Renewables, LLC

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Full Circle Renewables, LLC

Since 2007, Luxembourg-based Firminy Capital Sarl has maintained specialized sub-funds in areas like Arabian Gulf investments and alternative energy, among others. To achieve its investment goals, Firminy Capital Sarl’s alternative energy sub-fund was structured with the help of a number of experts, including Full Circle Renewables, LLC (FCR).

An independent power producer registered with the Federal Energy Regulatory Committee, FCR uses market-based renewable commodities strategies to create liquidity for renewable energy supplies. With a portfolio of reliable products, FCR ensures its projects are delivered on budget and on time by maintaining a network of vendors, ranging from power plant equipment manufacturers to design engineers, whose work is the best in the industry.

Committed to providing affordable, available renewable energy, FCR succeeds through the principles of diversity, dispatch-ability, and contract relationships. Product and investment diversity, along with multiple vendors and buyers to support its projects, are key to limiting FCR’s regulatory and institutional risk.

“Flexible dispatch-ability” refers to FCR’s ability to optimize the transmission of its energy resources to the grid and its customers, which helps the company to create revenue and avoid congestion issues. Contracted with some of the most recognizable clean energy brands and energy marketing companies in the world, FCR also can develop projects in difficult markets, thanks to its market-based transactional purchase facility, which can operate outside of utility pricing structures.